Materials Engineering and Corrosion Center


Materials Engineering and Corrosion Center

With new engineering solutions and technology discovered everyday around the world development, testing and analyzing materials to be used for these applications is an important part of a success. 

In the Materials Engineering and Corrosion Center the research is focused on material testing and corrosion research for the development and progress of novel materials for various demanding applications ranging from geothermal energy utilization in high temperature and corrosive environment to novel materials for biomedical applications. 

Facilities and Equipment

•    Tribo-meter for wear and tribo-corrosion testing (dry, liquid, elevated temperature)
•    Nano-Mechanical Tester (hardness, scratch)
•    Micro-hardness Tester
•    Bio-mechanical Tester

•    Electrochemical cell and potentiostat
•    Analytical Balance
•    High Temperature and Pressure Autoclave Laboratory equipped with gas input system for corrosion testing
•    Flow-Through-Reactor for High Temperature corrosion testing
•    Binary Heat-Exchanger simulator

•    Various sample preparation equipment (diamond cutter, 2 x polishing machines, specimen mounting device)
•    Optical microscope 

Materials Engineering and Corrosion Research Group