In-line GC-MS chemical analysis for Electrochemical Catalysis


In-line GC-MS chemical analysis for Electrochemical Catalysis

This proposal is for a state-of-the-art electrochemical flow-cell with integrated gas chromatography mass spectrometer, combined to produce a cutting-edge analysis equipment capable of high resolution in-line analysis of a soup of reaction products, directly upon catalysis.

Electrochemical uPrepCell (Antec) is a low volume (30-50 uL), three electrode electrochemical reaction cell with a sandwich construction. The potential within the cell is controlled by a ROXY dedicated potentiostat.

The uPrepCell cell maximizes the surface area to volume ratio and optimizes product yield, thus minimizing catalysis time, enabling fast testing and optimisation of catalysis conditions for the highest possible product yield. When combined with GC-MS to produce the “In-line Electrochemical Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer” (EC-GC-MS) the optimum instrument for electrochemical catalysis research is achieved.

The GC offers separation of the soup of compounds produced during catalysis, and mass spectrometric analysis (quantitative detection, ppb detection limits) provides high sensitivity for the quantification of molecules.

The GC-MS will also be used for environmental research projects concerning organic pollutants, analysis from other catalysis studies as well as for research on noble gases and other trace gases in geothermal fluids.

Students will get training and access to the EC-GC-MS for their research and during undergraduate courses.

Verkefnastjóri: Egill Skúlason

Ábyrgðaraðili: Hermann Þórðarson

Meðumsækjendur: Helga Dögg Flosadóttir, Jian Yang, Christiaan Petrus Richter, Guðjón Atli Auðunsson, Finnbogi Óskarsson

Sjóður: Innviðasjóður


Ár Umsóknarnúmer Hluti styrks
2017 1714420031 9.414.000 kr.

Heildarupphæð: 9.414.000 kr.



Mynd af Egill Skúlason Egill Skúlason Prófessor 5254684 egillsk [hjá]
Mynd af Christiaan Petrus Richter Christiaan Petrus Richter Prófessor cpr [hjá]